The change ahead

Sometimes, usually while I'm occupied with a mundane activity such as pulling my groceries up the stairs or washing some dishes, I find myself thinking on just how weird the past three months have been for everyone, everywhere. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, or COVID, has struck the world and has brought disruption, chaos, unemployment, isolation, tragedy… Seguir leyendo The change ahead

Forced Design

An article recently appeared in the Failed Architecture blog, which covered an open letter written to Jean Nouvel to try and stop him from “revitalizing” the Algiers Casbah neighbourhood. Said letter was written by the Funambulist, a Paris-based magazine, and you can read it here. Despite the purity and elegance of the language displayed on… Seguir leyendo Forced Design

Branded Fake-ism

Deconstructivism was a movement of postmodern architecture characterized by the fragmentation of the scholar and established building elements and its formal strategies into an arrangement that would make the building un-associative, un-aligned, fragmented and seemingly dissolved. The procedure of creating this unintelligible new meaning for "building", thanks to the introduction of new composition strategies that… Seguir leyendo Branded Fake-ism

City of the Future

Selling properties and advertising developments from a vantage standpoint from where the future is crystal clear, understandable, and tangible and secure has been exploited throughout history; and with the uprising of all-the-time accessible media, this selling methodology has reinforced an untrue idea in the collective of our society: that we know enough about the way… Seguir leyendo City of the Future

Slab City

In the desert of Niland, California, USA, there's a city that was not planned: Slab City. The intervention of Master Planning professionals, Urban planners and Architects, city inspectors and bureaucrats was not required nor were never approached. This city is not connected to electrical power, sewerage systems and it has no running water. It has… Seguir leyendo Slab City

The Temporary and The Universal: Market or Sustainable

It appears to be that what has been regarded and renowned as sustainable architecture has lost momentum and, in the eyes of media, was just a wave adopted by such a huge amount of subscribers that would justify the release of stories of this type of building, systems and strategies; a temporary mix of situations,… Seguir leyendo The Temporary and The Universal: Market or Sustainable

Virtual Reality and Architecture: Tool for Design vs a Designed Tool 

The Virtual Reality revival, a technology that allows us to immerse ourselves in the spaces of a built design from early stages, walk around throughout its development as it happens and later during construction stage without the need to even visit the site, has signified an outbreak of startups bringing their own environment creation engines,… Seguir leyendo Virtual Reality and Architecture: Tool for Design vs a Designed Tool 

Bubbles – Sensoriales vs Alienantes

La arquitectura como disciplina, no su fin espacial,  tiende a deconstruirse y construirse de manera incesante. Principalmente debido a la incorporación y reconfiguración de nuevas tecnologías que aumentan la eficiencia de las inversiones capitales y energéticas que conllevan la empresa edificatoria, produciendo edificios más eficientes pero no siempre mejores. Desde mi punto de vista, la… Seguir leyendo Bubbles – Sensoriales vs Alienantes

Gehry, 98%

Hace un tiempo relativamente corto, con motivo de haber sido galardonado con un premio Príncipe de Asturias, Frank Gehry acudió al hotel Reconquista de Oviedo para recibir a los periodistas, ansiosos por escuchar las declaraciones del recientemente galardonado. Y pasó lo que ya todos sabemos. La sección cultural de todos los países del mundo recogían… Seguir leyendo Gehry, 98%

¿Por qué los Arquitectos no hablan de Can Vies?

Sinceramente, no conocía el Centro Can Vies y sus actividades. No conocía a sus integrantes ni los conozco hoy. Lamentablemente como muchos, lo he conocido cuando comenzó su derribo y previa desocupación. Hechos que, personalmente, considero que son lamentables no por tener un posicionamiento político afín, empatía de madre ó afiliación férrea a una lucha… Seguir leyendo ¿Por qué los Arquitectos no hablan de Can Vies?